Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review.

Objavljeno 10. jan. 2021
Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!
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    • 20h later, and I still get the cookie

    • Hi where did you order your Mi 11? Im skeptical in ordering it from ebay

    • Great video man, I like way how you do you videos and how you evaluate and compare things and that you take into account the diversity of markets 👍

    • Do you honestly not comprehend that xiaomi can sell phones so cheap because they are subsidized by the Chinese government?

    • HEY Aron why is rick roll on your TV 1

  • Is this phone available and could be used in Canada?

  • 3:27 screen at the left(viewer) has rick roll

  • Is this going to be available in America?

  • It may be a great camera but I won't buy anything made in China if I can help it.

  • Man Arun with the rickroll again he's on a roll with us

  • If they will not optimize Android phones with Instagram or other social mobile apps, then most people will choose apple because Android will drop the resolution of photos and videos so badly.

  • Superb

  • Night mode in video is the feature I didn't know I want, but we need to see it in the Galaxy, Huawei and iPhones

  • y the rick astly lol

  • What's the song he is using?

  • I have a low priced tecno phone but I'm glad i watched this video. It gives me hope to get such

  • 15 fps? Lmao

  • 3:46 Game Name plz

  • Are you also reviewing the Mi 11 Pro?

  • Arun's mission at this point is to Rickroll us in every video

  • I'm surprised Xiaomi 11 isn't at least IP67. Do you know a reputable UK seller where import fees won't be added?

  • Price at times don't define quality . Samsung and Apple are suspect on the Xiaomi blacklist . makes me support Xiaomi more .

  • 1:50 video color shift ..iam out

  • Saying the specs of the phone was endless😄😄


  • i love their native fonts

  • I FUCKIN hate the rounded 3D Corners!!! fuck this... rly why dont make it like Black Shark 2 or what ever.... srsly

  • Am buying it 🤤🤤🤤

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  • 3:22 left screen. Why i dont see comments about this?

  • Xoami make the best phones even the phones for 200-300 Dollar are great

  • *Watching Dream Phones In Nokia 1100* 😣 It Hurts Man 😢

  • I can't believe I just got rickrolled lmao

  • Xiaomi ❤️👍

  • Everyone has couple chargers already. It is not weird. It is thinking about environment...

  • Why i feel sexy when watching this video...and like he is seducing me...

  • Your presentation itself is an art. So unique and different from everybody else. I thoroughly enjoy watching reviews of something even if I don't have any intention of buying that item.

  • The catch is the terrible miui or whats it called

  • why is there rick astley in the background.....wtf are you rickrolling us ??? (wrong speeling of astley BTW)

  • So in my country this phones price is 50000 taka.

  • Which game is it at 3:45?

  • Reach out to simnotvalid on IG for all your carrier and device unlocks, he is legit and reliable

  • Hoping for $600 price point in Thailand but expecting $800.

  • 3:23 if u look at the background we got rickrolled

  • 3:19 doubt. Will scratch at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7, as it's always been

  • by the way I got the tank of water storage thing in plain stock Redmi note 9 .

    • oh also got a fast charger phones are really gone a long way to the point that a 200usd phone is just amazing

  • He just Rick rolled everyone...

  • Sad😪

  • Been using Xiaomi Max3 for over two and a half years, the battery life doesn't degrade much at all. Unlike many other brands, after two you have more than once a day. Only downside is the speaker is not very loud when use in noisy environment. Hope to get a new model when this dies, if ever. One other point, best cooling system they have because I use it for hours and it doesn't heat up.

  • "Smart" phones? Instruments of mass distraction? Both? Hmm...

  • Just give it to me bro

  • I own a Roborock, that's about it from Xiaomi lol

  • 0:51 Wow, That was so smoooth. I replayed like 7 times lmao!

  • 13:21 Arun did you just Rick Roll me!

  • #BoycottChina

  • this guy sound's like the narrator in Kurzgesagt's videos

  • The first thing I noticed was the screen corners. Personally I dont like curved corners. But, there is no much option left for me in 2021. But, this looks worse and I will never even try buying that phone just for that reason... 🤷‍♂️

  • you rickrolled me

  • Wait did you just rickroll me?

  • Im waiting for mi11t pro

  • Great review. Are the stereo speakers balanced evenly? Or is the bottom louder than the top speaker ?

  • Where is that music from ? 7:32 i swear i heard it before

  • It's cheap. Me - 😶😑

  • #mrwhosetheboss

  • grabe buong video mo akala ko intro lahat

  • Ordered one from Giztop. Thought I'd wait for the Pro but I wont ever use that extra super fast charging and ultra zoom lens. This is best bang for buck. Costing me around 700$ for the 8Gb variant in black. Excited!

  • the rick astley in the back bruh

  • I hate apple for starting the trend to remove chargers

  • why is Rick Astley in thebackground of the left Tv? Love the video.

  • Never ganno give you up🎶

  • 1:31 hahaha look like my father after see new girl 😫 in smartphone 😢

  • I love your beard


  • Anyone know the name of the racing game in the video?

  • I have a Mi fit watch

  • OMG

  • "Xiaomi: the charger can be yours for free" Philippine sellers: "Let's sell this charger for $$$"

  • Plz Sir Give Me This mi 11 plz Please Give me 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺This Is my dream Mobile💝💝💝💝💝

  • They always come with covers 😭😭😭❤️

  • No Chinese products thanks

  • Xiaomi is amazing. I would get this over Samsung if it was more easy to obtain and worked on all carriers in the us.

  • Will the M I 11 PRO come out ??? Cause this is a brilliant phone so imagine the pro right aaron u once u told me get the galaxy s10 plus and i did get it lol so should i get the s21 ultra this time or this one ???

  • slnumber.info/wiev/gaaafZyLX5ZyoaI/video.html

  • the onley one thing they did bad was the covid-19


  • Fun fact:The sound for clearing the speaker is Yoko Ono screetching.

  • He killed it when he caught that charging brick. Smooth

  • Within 6 months you will know the boatyard and software problems soon.... Chinese phones will age fast


  • Xaomi: here's our specs. Now here's our price Samsung and iPhone: that's illegal

  • I can just listen to him all day n night and not get bored 🥰😍🤩

  • And Xiaomi still has the Pro and Ultra versions yet to be released and the Mix phone is coming back.

  • MAN JUST RICKROLLED US Good video btw

  • Mi❤️❤️😍🥰🔥

  • I regret buying the iPhone SE after watching this video

  • 3:29, left screen he rickrolled us 😢

  • For the price of this phone I can pay a month's mortgage. Take a wild guess as to which one is more important to me especially since I'm disabled.

  • But still they've remained away from IP ratings. It’s not a good side at all.

  • And i use a mi 6 :)

  • Is it curved display

  • Apple sheeps where yall at lmao? Your phones kept getting more expensive but little changes

  • The only problem is that it is a backdoor with phone functionality.

  • wow!